PT Equityworld, Jakarta Gold prices PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (Antam) said on Tuesday this week pegged at Rp 588 thousand per gram. The price went down by $ 1,000 compared to trading at the beginning of the week in the Rp 589 thousand per gram.

While the repurchase or buyback price fixed at the rate of Rp 523 thousand per gram. That is, if you sell your gold, Antam will pay Rp 523 thousand per gram.


PT Equityworld | Antam Gold Price Down

The sale price and the repurchase is the benchmark price in gold boutique Precious Metals Antam Pulogadung, Jakarta. While the price of gold in boutiques other precious metals can be different.

Payment buyback with a volume over 1 kilogram (kg) will be a maximum of two days after the transaction by reference to the buyback price of the transaction. Up at 8:39 am, the entire size of Antam’s gold is still available.

Antam also sell gold with batik patterns. For the price of gold batik with a size of 10 grams, Antam sold at the rate of Rp 5,990,000 or Rp 599 thousand per gram. However, the size of 10 grams are sold out.


PT Equityworld | Antam Gold Price Down

As for the size of 20 grams, Antam sold at the price of Rp 11.585 million or USD 579 250 per gram. For this size is still available to both the complexion Sido Mukti, Mega Overcast and Parang Barong.

Besides gold batik, Antam also issued gold bullion with thematic packaging. At this time Antam issued bullion packaging Eid.

For the size of 1 gram is sold at the price of Rp 663,000. Size 2 grams sold USD 1.211 million and 5 grams sold Rp 2.87 million. However, the whole size of Antam’s gold Eid edition has been sold.

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