PT Equityworld – Waiting market will pledge US President Donald Trump campaigns to stimulate massive fiscal

support economic growth in the US will eventually begin to be realized after the Trump delivering big plans

in a meeting with the chief executive of the airline on Thursday (9/2).

PT Equityworld | US Dollar Rise Up

Donald Trump declared that his government would soon announce a phenomenal tax policy,

after the moment that the market reacted immediately and soon chasing the dollar back in the previous trading fell quite badly.

The US dollar immediately shot quickly leaving its main rivals.

The strength of the dollar also received the support of the release of jobless claims data prior week

period that shows the data in lower than expected or positive data.

For further movement, ending the forex trading this week confirmed the US dollar will print a weekly gain with pedestal sentiment tax policy though Trump phenomenal yet to be announced.


PT Equityworld | US Dollar Rise Up

The dollar index, which measures the strength of the US dollar against six major currencies at the end of the trading session with a couple of hours ago bullish positions to 100.65 after opening higher at 100.18 and the position has been touched highs at 100.67.

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