Equityworld Futures, rate Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) moves in the green zone to follow the movement of global stock markets on Friday this week.

At the opening of trading on Friday (02/24/2017), JCI gained 4.8 points or 0.09 percent at 5,377. LQ45 stock index gained 0.09 Peren to a level of 893.7. Most benchmark stock indexes rose.

There were 36 stocks fell. 100 stocks rose while confirming JCI. While 80 other stock still.

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JCI had at the highest level and the lowest 5380.91 5370.78 Total stock trading frequency around 8573 times the trading volume of 444.5 million shares. Daily transaction value of Rp 204 billion shares.

Foreign investors were buying about USD 6.6 billion. The position of the US dollar in the range of USD 13 329. By sector, most sectors of the stock rose and fell. Sector trading shares rose 0.25 percent ,. Sector plantation stocks 0.13 percent and basic industries rose 0.32 percent. While various industry sectors of the stock fell 0.46 percent.

Stocks rose on Friday morning, among others BIMA shares rose 9.01 percent to Rp 121 per share, AGRO shares climb 8.21 percent to Rp 1,060 per share, and PLAS shares rose 8.20 percent to Rp 66 per share.

While stocks were pressured include HOME shares fell 6.96 percent to Rp 214 per share, LPPS shares slumped 6.90 percent to Rp 108 per share, and DNAR shares slipped 6.67 percent to Rp 280 per share ,

PT Reliance Securities analyst Lanjar Nafi explained, JCI closed higher in yesterday’s trade. JCI had gained 14.06 points to 5372.75.

“Miscellaneous sector index base into a suppressor with weakened 0.74 percent while the index of the various sectors of industry and commerce become the driver of strengthening exchanges,” he said, Friday (02/24/2017).

However, investors are considering the possibility of the Central Bank rate hike United States (US). Thus, foreign investors recorded a sell. “Foreign investors still recorded a net sell of Rp 246.65 billion,” he said.

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