PT Equityworld , Jakarta – President-elect United States (US) Donald Trump has addressed the first time last night. Unexpectedly, in his speech, Trump did not talk about economic policies that will be done.


PT Equityworld | Speech Impact Donald Trump Rupiah Stronger

Chief Economic PT Bank Permata Tbk, Josua Pardede said the speech from Donald Trump beyond the expectations of many parties. Thus, the dollar weakened against many other currencies, including the rupiah.

As a result of Trump’s speech, the exchange rate of the US dollar against the yen down. The dollar fell to 114.245 yen,

the lowest level since 9 November 2016 ago. As for the rupiah, recorded this morning in the dollar weakened to USD 13 285 from yesterday afternoon at the rate of Rp 13 328.

“If we see, actually yesterday or today precisely rupiah us stronger. This morning was at US $ 13,250.

That’s because the speech Donald Trump beyond expectations, which is expected he could be talking about economic policy, but instead he talking about Russia. So the problem is in beyond market expectations, “said Josua in the Ministry of Finance, Jakarta, Thursday (12/01/2016).

Josua said, the most awaited speech today is Donald Trump when officially sworn into office on January 20 next. Because he said, he would say later can affect the global market.

“Is he really talking about protectionist and economic policy, or policy-related international trade policy” he said.

“So suppose he (Trump) really restrict the products from China, Mexico exact global trade volume will drop, and the outlook for the global economy,” he explained.

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