PT Equityworld-This morning the dollar still moving limited and at night session can rally back to respond to a US property data. 0.01% 1.03895 EURUSD GBPUSD USDJPY 1.23545-0.03% 0.03% 117.98 From Indonesia capital market, at the close of trading Tuesday afternoon (20/12), the composite stock price Index ended down 0.6% to the 5162.47 position.

U.S. stock exchanges climbed in late trading Wednesday on Wednesday (21/12), supported the steady performance of the financial sector and a rise in crude oil, while the Dow Jones continues to run on its new record high position toward 20,000.

Dow. DJI rose 0.46 percent on Tuesday, while the S & P 500. SPX gained 0.36 percent and the Nasdaq. IXIC 0.49 percent. Eight of the 11 major S & P sectors rose, led by 1.23 percent jump in the index of financial. SPSY. After the bell, Nike (NKE. N) rose 3 percent quarterly report powerful of the sports clothes Seller.

Index Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 91.56 points to 19, with the highest increase in stock 974.62 Nike. Index of S P 500 climbed & 0.36 percent to 2, 270.76 with the financial sector leading the eight sectors are higher and the Nasdaq Index rose 0.49 per cent, being at 5, 483.94. The Asian market is moving strongly on Wednesday morning (21/12) swept up a record printed wallstreet. The Nikkei Index tracked down 0.24% in 19,355.44.

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ASX 200 index rose 0.68% at 5,570.70. Kospi index down 0.17 percent at 2,038.74. Of the commodities market, crude oil prices slightly higher in late trade Wednesday on Wednesday (21/12) triggered a sharp decline in estimated supplies of U.S. crude oil that could show the global oversupply began to shrink.

WTI oil price rose 0.2 per cent to $52.23 a barrel. The price of crude oil could still be further rise by the EIA data later this evening. While the spot price of gold at the end of Wednesday trade LLG daybreak (21/12) depressed the strengthening u.s. dollar interest rate hikes weighed projections Fed 3 times in 2017.

PT Equityworld : The price of gold to trade further still potentially weakening the dollar rally induced.

From the Forex market, the US Dollar closed the second day trading the Forex market world strengthened and briefly touched the highest position 14 years after then retreat again.

Attenuation the weakening of Rupiah and JCI triggered selling pressure on local investors. JCI to trade further, it is estimated there will be in the range of support and 5131-5107 resistant 5201-5218. Attractive stocks to scrutiny today: AALI, BBCA, IT and EXCL. Today the market will be looking closely at the Data trade Public Sector Net Borrowing to £ developments, existing U.S. home sales data as well as data on U.S. oil supply.

Dollars declared in the yield premium that quickly widened, with the Federal reserve set the course of tightening even as similar in Europe and Japan to act to keep their short-term rate in the negative territory. The Dollar index, which measures against a basket of currencies, stood at 103.100 touch 103.65. DXY, the highest since December 2002. [FRX /] U.S. currency run in a spread to take advantage as the session passed the slip back to 117.64 yen JPY =, but remained visible the peak of the day at 118.66.

The Euro is a fraction firmer in the EUR $1.0413 =. On Wall Street, the Dow ended up only 25 points shy of the magical barrier of 20,000 assisted by 1.68 percent gains in Goldman Sachs (GS. N). the stock has been on a tear since the Presidential election of November 8, with the Dow up 9 percent and the S & P 500 is 6 percent on the bet that the President-Elect of Donald Trump’s plans for deregulation and the expenditure of infrastructure may increase profits and growth.