Equityworld Futures News : (Kamis,12 Juni 2014)

Indian and Chinese central banks on track to absorb the equivalent of 90% of all mined gold production this year, said ETF Securities in its Precious Metal Weekly.

China, India and central banks absorbed just over 80% of global mine supply in 2 013 according to recent data. Recent data indicates that these three entities alone are likely to absorb the equivalent of nearly 90% of mine production in 2014m said ETF Securities.

Demand from India is likely to increase with the curtailing of the 2013 import restrictions . Central banks purchased 122 tons of gold in Q1 which is essentially unchanged year-on-year and China™s imports of gold from Hong Kong are up 18% year-on-year as of April . On a similar note, sales of US mint silver coins are on pace in 2014 to surpass the record 35 million ounces sold in 2013.

The US mint must purchase its silver from US sources and the amount of silver mined in the US in 2013 was only 35 million ounces. Most of the demand for silver is for industrial purposes and inventories are the lowest in decades – the majority in ETFs.

Source : metal.com