PT Equityworld, Jakarta – The Indonesian government to make sure the investment is a priority in order to keep the national economy. However, efforts to attract investors into the country still remember vividly global policies such as the United States (US).

In the Government Work Plan and Budget (CBP) 2018, government investment growth target of 8%.


PT Equityworld | Indonesia ready to pull foreign investors

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Thomas Trikasih Lembong said the government should ‘race’ with the United States

in attracting investors. Because the US under the leadership of President Donald Trump middle of particular concern to investors,

particularly the policy of ‘America First’ or the importance of the US.

“The back is a lot of attention of investors turn to Washington DC and a new policy there,

we should not lose to a breakthrough or a breakthrough that remain attractive to investors,”

said Thomas in the Palace complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (02/01/2017).

Thomas admitted, the government is still optimistic to attract investors into Indonesia.

Moreover, the realization of the national investment in 2016 103% or in excess of the target. Momentum, said Thomas, not to lose. Although the trend of the world today is still focused policies that will be applied by Donald Trump.

Therefore, efforts should be made by the government either by deregulation or trimming administrative channels to the bureaucracy in the investment sector.

“So we have to encourage or lead to investment in export-oriented sectors, but perhaps we should think again breakthrough let alone that it can be implemented so that Indonesia remains attractive in the eyes of investors,” he added.

He took a sample, such as deregulation of the policy contract gross revenue share split alias. Where, trimming the administration will have a positive impact for investors in the oil and gas sector.


PT Equityworld | Indonesia ready to pull foreign investors

Not only that, says Thomas, Donald Trump has also released a new policy executive order

in which each ministry and agency in the United States published a new policy, there must be two permissions or rules that must be removed.

“So it’s like a race, so we have to genjot momentum overshadowed baseball, baseball lost in the international sphere, among investors,” he said.

Thomas admitted, bureaucracy or administration in the process of licensing in Indonesia is still very complicated.

Therefore, published deregulation policy package. Thus, this momentum should not be lost quickly with deregulation policies that will be implemented Donald Trump.

“So that’s the name of competition, the competition was burdened deregulation, now Trump has been rolling the ball he wants to deregulate massively, thanks we had a head start, we have to keep the momentum of deregulation,” he said.

Thomas continued, the government has prepared some effort in order to continue to attract investment to Indonesia. However, the former Minister of Trade has not wanted to disclose it.

“Definitely dong there, the area is the sector of export-oriented, and then the solid work that is for sure the service sector, for example, a clear tourism, generate foreign exchange for tourists stranger will pay using foreign exchange, the service sector people all, this is a priority sector,” he said.

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