Equityworld futures-The exchange rate of the rupiah opened higher in thin 0.03% or 4 points to 13,069 per u.s. dollar in trading today, Friday (2/12/2016).

Before the rupiah depreciates closed 55 points or 0.42% at level of Rp 12,864 per u.s. dollar after trading at Rp 13.015 range – Rp 13.090 per u.s. dollar.

” I think (the cold war Russia-us) not quite the dominant influence on the market. Because the Asian money mayorita more Brexit factors influenced English because the Government will mempecepat the negotiations with the European Union that sparked concern the European market could have an impact on the UK’s economic slowdown, “said economist PT Bank Permata Tbk Josoua Archanam1989 when contacted Thursday (13/10/2016).

In addition, he said the case of Deutsche Bank that caused the weakening of the euro also put pressure on the currency market. ”

Meanwhile the dollar rally not just because (the possibility of a rise in interest rates) Fed (but also) Brexit,

“she continued. The index tracked the U.S. dollar strengthened 0.12% or 0.113 points to the 98.079 level at 16.00 WIB.

The weakening rupiah is happening at a time when other currencies in Southeast Asia moves majority weakened.

The observed weakening Singapore dollar 0,19%, Malaysia ringgit slumped 0.51%, Thailand baht weakened 0.25%, while the Philippine peso strengthened only 0,44%.

How is the movement of the rupiah today? Follow its speed until the end of trading.