Equityworld Futures-The rupiah opened higher by 0.14% or 19 points to 13,364 per US dollar in trading today, Monday (11/14/2016).

Previously, the rupiah closed down 1.86% or 245 points to Rp13.383 per US dollar in trading Friday (11/11/2016).
Illustration – Reuters

Currency movements Garuda was in line with the currencies in the Asian region that is almost entirely weakened.

According to Bloomberg, the rupiah exchange rate throughout the day moving in the range of Rp13.233 / US $ to Rp13.873 / US $.

Dollar exchange rate Jakarta Interbank Spot Rate (Jisdor) was sharply lower 1.77% or 232 points to Rp13.350 per US dollar.

Meanwhile, BI transaction rate pegged Rp13.417 to Rp13.283 for selling and buying rate.

Bank Indonesia assess rupiah volatility caused by selling foreign exchange in the market due to the influence of global analysts who made inquiries about the policy of protectionism in the United States after the election of Donald Trump as president.

When the rupiah until Friday (11/11/2016) afternoon has reached the psychological level Rp13.700 per US dollar, the central bank has been stabilizing in the two markets at once, namely currency and Government Securities (SBN). BI has been announced to market participants that the monetary authority is ready to buy government bonds and auction.

Senior Deputy Governor Mirza Adityaswara declared after seeing BI market is present in the foreign exchange market and government securities, the rupiah could return to the level of Rp13,500 per US dollar range.

He reiterated that Indonesia would not limit the foreign exchange market in the interbank money market so that the market can run balanced both from the rest of the supply and demand.

“And exporters have also started going in for the supply of foreign currency exchange rate makes it stable again,” he said.