PT Equityworld FuturesBroadway Star Jennifer Holliday adds to the long list of viewer who refuses to entertain inaugural celebration of Donald Trump as President of the United States. It followed the existence of an online article called Holliday ‘ betrayed ‘ fans homosexual. Quoting Reuters, Holliday announced the cancellation of his appearance via a letter.

“I apologize for the error in my assessment, because it has become no matter on issues that affect every American in the crucial in this history, and led to anxiety and heartbreak in the circle of my fans,” wrote Holliday.

Tony Awards winning singer was not scheduled to appear at the inauguration next Friday night. EQUITY WORLD : That figure is known through the musical Dreamgirls and Your Arms Too Short to Box with God was supposed to appear at an event at the Lincoln Memorial the night before.

The show, titled ‘ Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration. ‘ Also scheduled with him, Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down and Jon Voight to appear on the show. Organizers of the inauguration Committee Trump not commented on letter from Holliday.

Boris Epshteyn, Communications Director for the Presidential Inauguration Committee said only, “the presence of American citizens from all parts of the unified celebrated the inauguration of the President of the 58, we give thanks for the abundance of support we receive and feel honored because there are so many world-class performers who take part in celebration of freedom and democracy.” Involvement Holliday in the inauguration of Trump scrutinized by journalist Kevin Fallon who wrote a column in DFaily Beast.

EQUITY WORLD Called Traitorous, Jennifer Holliday Canceled Appeared to Trump

EQUITY WORLD : He called Holliday as a homosexual icon because he carved history on Broadway.

But that does not correspond to that carried on Trump. The President, elected politicians who surrounded the anti-gay or LGBTQ. “For the homosexual community which has supported Holliday — that fits his own words has battled with his difficulties — and cheering up her success recently, News [that Holliday will perform] feels like a betrayal.

This makes the heartbreak, “Fallon wrote in his article, which directly convert Holliday. Holliday admitted he did not think the length of the time accepted the offer to appear on that.

“With regret, I do not think my appearance for the concert it would be seen as political action against my personal understanding and support for abused as Donald Trump and Mike Pence,” he said. First, he just wanted his voice heard. Holliday is not the only one who refused to perform at the inauguration of Trump. Before there was Elton John, David Foster, Rebecca Ferguson, Andrea Bocelli, and many other top-tier artists.